Bloomberg estimated the impact of Putin’s words on the chances of a rate cut, the Central Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin

It clarifies the Agency, among 38 of the financial institutions interviewed, only nine had predicted that the meeting of the Bank of Russia on Friday of the key interest rate will be reduced.

“Now they begin to doubt their own predictions,” — says the Agency. “The weaker the ruble, the less the probability of lowering rates. A rate cut now, paradoxically, lower than last week, when I did the forecast”, — said the Agency strategist at Rabobank in London Peter Matis. However, it retains the forecast reduction in borrowing costs by 50 basis points.

According to the chief economist for Russia at Citigroup Inc. in Moscow Ivan Chakarov, the head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina will have to take into consideration the impact of depreciation on inflation, which is already beginning to accelerate. “Therefore, the Central Bank may suspend the newly launched cycle of easing,” he said.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the risks of excessive strengthening of the ruble on July 19 during the meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “The ruble strengthened, despite the price volatility in commodity markets, and in this regard we need to think about how and what we will do in the near future in connection with these factors,” he said then.

After the announcement, the ruble fell for six straight trading sessions in the period, dropping from 63 to 66 rubles per dollar.