Muscovite demanded from McDonald’s nearly 1 million rubles after poisoning

A resident of Moscow Valentin Polyakov filed a lawsuit against “McDonald’s” to recover from the restaurant chain about 1 million rubles About this Muscovite said the Agency “RIA Novosti”.

The amount that the Poles intended to recover, is 999 thousand 900 rubles. the Lawsuit was filed in Dorogomilovsky court of capital.

According to the plaintiff, on June 24, he ate in the cafe at the Ryazan Avenue, the Caesar salad, and then on Taganskaya street — “big Tasty” and “big Mac”. Then, according to Polyakov, in the evening he became ill, “observed obvious symptoms of poisoning”.

The plaintiff claims that McDonald’s refused to settle the dispute out of court. “RIA Novosti” has not yet comment “McDonald’s”.

In September of last year the Tver court of Moscow has collected from McDonald’s 320 thousand. after the cashier spilled the hot coffee on the three-year girl. The child’s father Alex Karels demanded that the restaurant chain RUB 5 million Lawyer Karelova Peter Dombrovitsky noted that the girl received treatment at the hospital due to the fact that she received burns to the neck and torso in the first degree.