Police arrested a possible accomplice of the Munich arrow

Flowers at the scene of the shooting near the shopping center “Olympia” in Munich, Germany

As informs “bi-Bi-si”, the arrested 16-year-old resident of Munich, was a friend of David Ali Sonboli, started a fire near the shopping center “Olympia” on July 22. He noted in particular that might know about the plans Sonboli, but did not report them to law enforcement.

Also each Sonboli, according to the police, might be relevant to post in Facebook, where people are invited to gather near the McDonald’s restaurant, where in the end the shooting started. While Reuters indicates that the arrested allegedly had something to do with the post, where people are encouraged to come to the Munich station, where shooting was not.

The police found that out of ten dead at least five people were children of immigrants from other countries: Turkey, Hungary, Greece and recognized a number of States in Kosovo.

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On Friday evening, July 22, at Munich shooting occurred in a shopping center Olympia. In the Network appeared the video of the shooting at the restaurant “McDonald’s”, which is…

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According to the police, to commit a crime Sonboli planned during the year. This idea was inspired by the events of 2009 in Winnenden where 17-year-old opened fire on pupils and teachers. As a result of those events killed 15 people.

As for the Glock pistol from where the murder was committed, according to preliminary information, it Sonboli acquired in the closed part of the Internet.