AvtoVAZ went to the corporate holiday for three weeks

Employees of “AVTOVAZ and Lada car factory in Izhevsk went to the corporate holiday for three weeks — until August 14, according to the website of the company.

The services associated with the repair of equipment, protection of the territory and Finance, continues its work. However the cars and kits during the holidays will not be made.

The company notes that three weeks AVTOVAZ seeks to establish production processes with partners and suppliers, as well as to repair and modernize some of the production line.

In 2015, the workers of AVTOVAZ went on vacation from July 27 to August 16. Then during this time the company had renovated 4.5 thousand units of technological equipment in all industries.

In early June, three suppliers of plant and Manager of AVTOVAZ in Togliatti, told RBC that the company can go on a three-day operation, but later this information was not confirmed.