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Munich police at the scene

As Spiegel reports, at a press conference in Munich, Steinkraus-Koch reported that the killer of ten people in the city centre could be a mental problem. He pointed out that the shooter, reportedly turned to the doctor due to depression, but indicated that so far there has not been enough time to fully confirm these data.

The head of the Munich police Hubertus Andre also pointed out that while there are no data about relationships hand with radical Islamic groups, including the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). The killer was a German citizen of Iranian origin, but he was born in Germany and studied at one of the local Universities.

Andre also said that the shooter used a Glock pistol, which he didn’t have permission.

The police also did not rule out that the attack was related to the shooting, which staged five years ago in Norway, Anders Breivik. However, there is no evidence that the Munich murderer had a dislike to someone of his victims. It is also unknown whether there is a connection between crime in the Bavarian capital and the recent attack in w├╝rzburg, where a native of Afghanistan with an ax wounded several passengers commuter trains.

Previously, Spiegel pointed out that the murder was committed by 18-year-old David S., living in Munich with my parents.

Shooting in the centre of Munich, which killed nine people, occurred last night. According to witnesses, the gunman was shouting “bloody foreigners.” On one of the video clips that appeared online after the incident, a man stands on the roof of the Park near the multi-storey residential building and has been sassing his resident. At some point he shouts, “your damn Turks, and then shots rang out.

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