The independent Commission on doping has proposed to include Usmanov and Lisin

Businessman Alisher Usmanov

Smirnov said that the Commission “certainly” must consist of members, international Committee members, senior officials, and Usmanov and Lisin. “Of course, must be members of the international Committee, international federations, presidents, Vice-presidents, Lisin, Usmanov and several other people who are at the highest level represent not only the interests of our organizations, but the international federations,” — said the President of the ROC (quoted by TASS).

On July 22 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposed to establish an independent Commission against doping, which will involve Russian and international experts. The head of state invited Smirnov to hold a post of the head of the Commission. Smirnov himself said that he had agreed to the proposal of the President.

The owner of “metalloinvest” Alisher Usmanov, whose wealth in 2016 the Russian Forbes magazine estimated at $12.5 billion, is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian fencing Federation and President of the International fencing Federation. The businessman, as reported by RBC representative of USM Holdings, is also a member of the Commission of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the development of the Olympic channel.

The owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $9.3 billion, is the Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Russia. He is also the President of the Russian Shooting Union and the European shooting Confederation and Vice President of the International shooting sport Federation and President of Russian Association of summer Olympic sports.