The Fund’s former adviser Putin acknowledged the foreign agent

A former adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on economic issues Andrei Illarionov

The Ministry of justice (moj) included the Institute of economic analysis and former adviser to President Vladimir Putin, economist Andrey Illarionov in the registry of foreign agents. This is stated in the official report on the Agency’s website.

Foreign agent structure Illarionov admitted after unscheduled documentary inspection main Directorate of the justice Ministry in Moscow, the report says.

What specific projects of the Institute of economic analysis provoked the question from the justice Department, the Agency are not reported. According to the law “On noncommercial organizations” foreign agent recognized NGO which engaged in political activities on foreign money.

On the organization’s website there is mention of partnership projects with foreign organizations. In particular, the Institute for economic analysis (IEA), along with the Cato Institute (USA), Fraser Institute (Canada), Liberal Institute of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (Germany) and the Institute for Visio (Slovenia) in August 2015 has published a report on the measurement of the index of human freedom.

Andrei Illarionov is President of the Institute for economic analysis, which was founded 22 years ago, said RBC representative of the organization who requested anonymity. The news of the inclusion of the organization in the registry for the source of RBC unexpected. From further comments she abstained, citing the need to clarify the situation with the leadership of the Institute. Illarionov, she said, is on vacation now and not available for comment. RBC also failed to reach former adviser to the President.

Illarionov adviser to the President from 2000 to 2005, As stated by the economist after his retirement, he resigned as Advisor due to changes in economic policy and economic model, changes in the political regime and the emergence of a corporatist model of the state. Dissatisfaction with the policy of the Russian authorities Illarionov expressed on a post of the adviser. In particular, he opposed the attack on YUKOS, as it is, in his opinion, negatively affected with the investment image of Russia.

Subsequently, Illarionov has become a regular critic of the President’s policies. In an interview to radio “Voice of America” Illarionov said that “the third presidential term of Vladimir Putin, according to the Constitution illegal.” Illarionov participated actively in the activities of non-system opposition after his work on Putin. In 2008, he became a member of the “National Assembly” uniting opposition parties and movements, and a coalition “Other Russia”.

In nearly four years provisions on foreign agents in the law on NGOs over a hundred organizations appeared in the appropriate register of the Ministry of justice.