Prime Minister of Bulgaria said about the excitement on the border after the coup in Turkey

On the southern border of Bulgaria is “heavy” situation. About it in interview to TV channel said the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov.

Answering the journalists ‘ question about what he meant by the word “heavy”, Boyko said that “on the other hand felt excitement and anxiety”. The problem is not only the refugees, but in the “difficult situation” in Turkey, which was declared ” most position. It “can not affect us,” said Borisov.

Journalists asked him whether more refugees after the coup in Turkey. “You see, every day when you enter Bulgaria hold 150-200 migrants,” he said.

Boyko Borisov called “unacceptable” actions of the rebels in Turkey during the military coup, who “fired from tanks, planes civilian buildings”. On the other hand, in Bulgaria “do not understand” the arrests of teachers, journalists and judges, which began after the suppression of the attempted coup. “They probably have their reasons,” admitted Bulgarian Prime Minister.

Boyko also commented on the agreement between Turkey and EU migrants. According to him, it “almost works”. In addition Bulgaria has strengthened security on the border with Greece, as some areas were not monitored at all, said Boris.

“The army, police and gendarmerie are working and preparing for serious issues with refugees”, — he added. Borisov has already met with a representative of the Ministry of defence of Turkey from the highest circles to discuss the adopted by the army and the security measures.

In March 2016 Turkey and the EU have reached agreement that all illegal immigrants since the 20th of March will be sent from Greece back to Turkey. Later, however, Erdogan has threatened the EU to refuse to deal on migrants, if Europe will not meet its obligations.

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A military coup in Turkey occurred on the night of 16 July. After his country, was detained by 7.5 thousand people. From work was suspended, including, 1577 deans from Turkish universities, and 21 thousand teachers had their licenses revoked. Turkey’s reaction must not violate the “fundamental freedoms and rights” of man, said the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini.