Aeroflot has banned buy tickets criticized the “Victory” of the company

The plane of the budget airline “Victory”

On Friday, July 22, Aeroflot sent its counterparties (tour operators and aviability agencies) a letter, in which he announced the prohibition of cooperation with resource (the letter is at RBC). The prohibition applies to “sales of passenger air transportation on flights of the group of companies “Aeroflot”, the report said. The one who disregard the prohibition will be immediately disconnected from the resources of the airline without prior notice,” says Aeroflot.

The employee “Aeroflot” has confirmed a ban on working with the resource. is a resource for sourcing and selling tickets. Including the app allows you to buy tickets on credit.

Director of communications Konstantin Parfenenok confirmed to RBC that “Aeroflot” there are claims to the service, but did not explain what it was.

“It is a small Agency that was actively advertised,” says RBC is one of the market participants. The resource could pay for what sold tickets cheaper than Aeroflot, assumes the interlocutor of RBC: “They are severely punished for it”.

To impose a ban on working with was resolved after the involvement of management resource in the “custom campaign against the “Victory” (“daughter” of “Aeroflot”), says an employee of “Aeroflot”. The official representative “Aeroflot” have refused comments.

The day before the ban, Parfenenok criticized the “daughter” of “Aeroflot” of “Victory”, which is positioned as the low-cost carrier. The business model of the company “a little similar” to the approach of the budget airline, wrote Parfenenok in a column for the newspaper “Vedomosti”. According to him, the company aims to reduce its own costs at all stages of flight and earns by selling additional services.

In contrast to the classical low-cost airlines “Victory” prefers to earn on fees for baggage and to promote the sale of choice seats at the expense of “separation of passengers into the cabin,” listed Parfenenok.

The arguments of Parfenenko unfounded, said the employee of “Aeroflot”. He believes that the publication is part of “mass customized campaigns against the “Victory”, which according to the interlocutor of RBC “is the last few weeks.”

What “Victory” prohibit free to carry in hand Luggage backpacks even the slightest size, and charge fees for provozku of goods from the duty-free, causes a negative reaction of passengers since the launch of the airline in the fall of 2014. Representatives of the “Victory” traditionally explain this approach, the business model of the budget carrier, which has not yet caught on in Russia.