The U.S. court sentenced a citizen to 10 years for illegal export of technology

The court in new York sentenced Russian Alexander, Fishenko to 10 years imprisonment. This follows from the statement published on the website of the Ministry of justice.

The Minister said that the prosecution had come on a sentence of 17.5 years in prison “for reasons of public protection, the US and its allies.” Protection, in turn, expressed the view that the period which can serve the defendant within the sentence, must not exceed four years. Their Fisenko has already served during the investigation.

Alexander Fishenko is a citizen of Russia and the United States. He was held on charges of illegal export of high technology to meet the needs of the security services and the Russian military-industrial complex. In October 2012, he was arrested. In September 2015, the Russian pleaded guilty to all 19 counts, including conspiracy violations of the export act and export control of weapons of the United States.

Together with Fesenko are another 11 people. One of them is an immigrant from Azerbaijan, the rest in ten have Russian citizenship. Four defendants also have a US passport.