The mayor of Istanbul decided to create a “graveyard of traitors” for the victims of the coup

Istanbul mayor Kadir Topbas said that the city authorities have allocated a place for a cemetery for those killed during the military coup of the coup, writes Hurriyet Daily News.

“I was ordered to allocate space and call it the cemetery of the traitors, — said the mayor. — Everyone who will visit this place will curse those who buried it, and they will not find peace in their graves.”

Topbas also said that the authorities of Ordu province refused to provide space for the burials of participants of the failed coup. “One of the family had to take the body and bury it in your own soda. I congratulate the head of the province,” said the mayor of Istanbul.

The mayor noted that victims of the coup can not be buried in the cemetery of the nameless, as are buried there and religious people. “I believe that [the coup] won’t be saved from falling into hell. But we must make the world unbearable for them,” said Topbas.

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