The former official publicly apologized for the attack on the girl on the Arbat

A former official of the mayoralty of Moscow in the back of the Matai

Erast Mataev, the accused in the attack on the Muscovite Yevgeny Khrapova at a press conference on July 21, which was broadcast by TASS, made a public apology sought by the victim. Mataev pleaded guilty.

The former official also recalled that already talked about willingness to compensation for moral damages. “My emotional behavior was inexcusable,” said Mataev. Apologies to the address of the Ratchet he read from the paper. As explained present at the press conference, the lawyers, the text of the apology had been agreed by the parties. The issue of compensation, he proposed to the girl, will be discussed later, the lawyer said Ratchet Stalin Gurevich. “The amount is not to the media,” she said.

Then Mataev, when asked by a journalist to apologize without prepared text, stated that “the apology is the recognition of their mistakes”. “To apologize,” said Mataev. Trust me, if you think it’s easy for me — you are mistaken. But this is easy for me. I don’t really rights. Worked emotional compass.”

He explained that “up the street” and yet is “a believer.” “I want to apologize again humanly. The word “bully” and I are not compatible as laughter at a funeral. I would like to apologize to the entire Russian community, as well as <…> Vladimir Putin as the guarantor of the Constitution. I’m willing to give his life on the altar, ” said the former official.

Khrapova, in turn, stated that it reserves the right to judge the degree of sincerity Matayev, but was satisfied with his performance because from the very beginning demanded a confession of guilt. “Today we hear an apology with an admission of guilt”, she concluded.

At the same time, the Ratchet lawyer Stalin Gurevich has underlined that the accusations brought will not decide the fate of the criminal case, so as to stop the proceedings against Matayev can only law enforcement agencies or a court even if the victim will write a statement about the absence of claims. Gulevich added that in any case the victim does not insist on real term of punishment. “These conversations initially was not — we required only a confession of guilt and a public apology,” said Gurevich.

The incident with Mataeva and Ratchet took place on 25 June, when on the Arbat girl tried to use my phone as a pedestrian street going BMW. After that she was attacked by a passenger of this car with the numbers А749МР77. The man got out of the car, smashed the phone and, according to witnesses, repeatedly struck the girl.

It later emerged that the attacker was a former Advisor to the Deputy mayor and the Director of the state institution “Azenergo” when the Department of health capital Erast Mataev.

Mataev initially tried to blame Hrabovo that she provoked him by calling him anti-Semitic statements. Girl these charges were dismissed.