The UK abandoned the EU presidency next year

The UK will have to give up the presidency of the European Council, as the country prepares to exit the EU. As informs Bi-bi-si, this was stated by Prime-Minister Theresa may before the first meeting in this capacity with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The countries belonging to the EU, led by the European Council, which is the highest political body of the Union, defining its strategic direction. This gives them the opportunity to shape the agenda of its meetings.

Turn the UK was supposed to come in mid-2017. The term of office of the presidency is six months.

In June in the UK held a referendum in which the majority of the participants voted for the country’s withdrawal from the EU. After the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron, who was against breaking ties with the EU, the government headed by Theresa may, also representing the Conservative party.

According to may, maintaining strong trade links with Europe is an important condition for successful implementation of exit from the EU.