Paul Sheremet will be buried in Minsk

Journalist Pavel Sheremet, who was killed in Kiev, was buried in the North cemetery in Minsk with his father. This was stated by his mother, Lyudmila Sheremet, reports TASS.

“The question of the burial of Paul resolved,” said the mother. According to her, “all the organizational issues regarding Kiev will be resolved on the spot.” The mother of the journalist now heading to the Ukrainian capital.

Information about the funeral in Minsk confirmed on his page on Facebook and colleague Sheremet, a Belarusian journalist Svetlana Kalinkina.

July 20, in Kiev was murdered journalist Pavel Sheremet. His car exploded when he went on the radio. In the Ukrainian interior Ministry said that it was a premeditated murder committed by using an explosive device. The car belonged to Alena Pritula, head of the newspaper “Ukrainian truth”, where he worked Sheremet.

Sheremet was born in 1971 in Minsk. There he began his journalistic career — since 1996 worked as own correspondent of the Russian TV channel ORT (now First channel) in Belarus. Since 1998 he worked in the Moscow edition of the “First channel”. Since 2012, Sheremeta wrote a blog in the newspaper “Ukrainian truth”.