In Turkey have started an investigation against all military judges and prosecutors

The Turkish defense Ministry has opened an investigation against all military judges and prosecutors in the country, 262 of them were already suspended from work, reports NTV.

After the suppression of the military revolt in the government of Turkey began cleaning. So, the work was suspended 30 provincial governors and 47 heads of district administrations. By order of the Ministry of internal Affairs removed from the work in total was removed 8777 civil servants, among them also 7899 police officers and 614 members of the gendarmerie.

Only after the mutiny was detained 7,5 thousand people. Of these, more than 6 thousand — military, and 755 — judges and prosecutors. 600 detainees are already in custody. Among the detained was the former commander of the Turkish air force Akin Ozturk, who was called one of the organizers of the coup.

Immediately after the coup was reported to dismiss 2745 judges, was subsequently ordered their detention. In addition, the country has been arrested ten members of the Supreme administrative court. Another 140 representatives of the Supreme court was declared wanted.

On Wednesday it became known that Turkish scientists were forbidden to travel outside the country until further notice. The Council for higher education in Turkey on the eve urged 1577 deans from Turkish universities to resign. Another 21 thousand teachers teaching in private schools, was withdrawn on the eve of the license.