The United States resumed operations against ISIS from an air base in Turkey

The anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States resumed air strikes on “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) with the Turkish air base. About this on his page on Twitter reported the press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook.

“After close coordination with our Turkish allies air coalition operations against ISIL in Turkey resumed,” wrote cook. At the same time, American-based objects continue to function with Autonomous sources of power, reports Reuters with reference to the Pentagon. U.S. Department of defense expects that the supply of electricity to the base will resume in the near future.

The American air force had to suspend strikes on ISIS in connection with the closing of the airspace around the airbase in Incirlik in southern Turkey, which took place after the military coup in the country. Ankara informed Washington that it will remain closed until Turkey will not be able to take full control of the situation in this area. Later, cook reported that the Pentagon is working with the Turkish authorities to restore air operations as soon as possible”. On the basis of has also been disabled by the Central electricity objects it worked on stand-alone power sources.

Foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu also said that the military from Incirlik were involved in the rebellion, and the Minister of labour Suleyman Soylu directly stated that “the US is behind the coup.” U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry those charges were dismissed, stressing that they harm relations between Washington and Ankara. On Sunday, the head of the base in Incirlik, according to Reuters, was detained.

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