French police confirmed the death of the Russians in nice

The French police confirmed the death of the terrorist attack in nice Russian woman Victoria Savchenko, said “RIA Novosti” Russia’s General Consul in Marseille Sergey Molchanov.

“Unfortunately, sad news was confirmed. The procedure of identification was very difficult, the parents confirmed the fact of her daughter’s death, we are talking about Victoria Savchenko,” — said Molchanov.

He added that the French side had notified the Russian Consulate General on the death of Savchenko.

Informed about her death was reported by the Financial University under the government of Russia, where he studied the girl.

Remains unknown fate of one more citizen of Russia — Alina Bogdanova, the diplomat added.

According to him, remaining in the hospital rossinka Pauline serebryannikova will fly home tomorrow, another victim — Galina Sokolova — will arrive in Russia recently.

The attack in nice took place in the evening on July 14. The truck, driven by 31-year-old native of Tunisia Mohamed Boolell, crashed into a crowd of people. In the result, 84 people have been killed and more than two hundred were wounded. Responsibility for the attack claimed by banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.