The Finance Minister of Slovenia resigned after searches in the Central Bank

The Minister of Finance of Slovenia dušan Mramor, resigned Wednesday evening a few days later after a police operation in the Central Bank of the country. As the Financial Times, the Minister publicly called the resignation “absolutely personal”.

Marble has criticized the actions of the police, who seized the office of the regulator the documents and computers during the investigation the issuance of stabilization loans to troubled banks in 2013.

Four officials are suspected of involvement in the loan to one Bank, which on the basis of their assessment was able to write off the €257 million of debt.

Police action has also criticized the ECB President, Mario Draghi, who called them “illegal capture of the ECB”. The European regulator said that the suspect the police in the seizure data from the computer of the Manager of the Slovenian Central Bank Bastian of Atbara, who is also member of the governing Council of the ECB.

Marble publicly joined in the criticism of Draghi. On Tuesday evening, he called the police operation a “direct attack” on the independence of the Bank, which is protected by EU laws. After 24 hours, the Prime Minister of Slovenia Miro cerar announced the resignation of the Minister of Finance and appointed acting chief Executive officer Minister of strategic projects Alenka Smeral.