Kiev and Baku has decided to resume the project of the pipeline “Odessa — Brody”

Ukraine and Azerbaijan will resume the project “Odessa — Brody” oil transportation. The President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said during a visit to his country, the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko.

“Instructed to revive this project, because Azerbaijan supplies to the European market very large volumes of its oil and become a transit country for the countries located on the Eastern coast of the Caspian sea. Therefore, the resumption of this project creates good opportunities,” he said (quoted on the website of the President of Ukraine).

The pipeline was built in 2001, between Odessa and Brody (Lviv region), where he was connected with the Druzhba pipeline, for the transportation of Caspian and Kazakhstan oil. Its length is 674 km and a capacity of 9 million tonnes per year. It was planned that in the future the pipeline will be laid to Plock (Poland), and then connected with Gdansk. It was expected that funds for its completion will allocate Poland, but this did not happen — the pipeline has not been used. “We are not inclined, in contrast to other countries to spend budget money on projects that should be self-sustaining,” — said in 2011 the Agency UNIAN the head of the national security Bureau of Poland (BBN) Stanislaw kozey.

As recalled in 2011, Kiev and Baku signed an agreement “on measures regarding development of cooperation in the sphere of oil transportation. Document provided transportation to 3 million tonnes of crude oil to Ukrainian refineries, to 5 million in Europe, up to 12 million tonnes to Belarus.

Under the agreement, Ukraine has given Azerbaijan a discount for unloading of oil at the rate of 50%.