Swiss court acquitted the managers of “Gazprom” charges of bribery

The Federal criminal court, located in the Swiss town of Bellinzona, on Tuesday, July 12, withdrew charges against the last two defendants in the case of bribery of top managers of “Gazprom”, reports Accusations of “active” and “passive” bribery is removed from the Manager “Gazprom” and employee of ABB, the process in the “case “Gazprom” is completed.

Version of the Swiss Prosecutor’s office, Deputy head of the Department on transportation, underground preservation and use of gas of “Gazprom” Alexander Shaikhutdinov and former member of the Board of “Gazprom” Bogdan, Budzulyak received bribes from the former President of representative office of company “ABB Russia” Michael Chesnakov and from Vladimir Ushakov, reported by “Vedomosti”. Investigators believed that Ushakov had paid bribes in the interests of the first Swiss company ABB and Alstom, the French, and after 2004 — Swedish Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery (SIT) for contracts for the modernization of the gas pipeline “Yamal — Europe”. According to investigators, they illegally received 7 million Swiss francs ($7.2 million). They were charged with forgery, bribery and money laundering.

The consideration of this case in the criminal trial began in November of 2015. At the final stage of the investigation, the Prosecutor’s office dropped the charges Budzulyak, and in April 2016, the court dropped the charges and Shaikhutdinova: the court decided that they are not government officials, so it actually collapsed. But the fact of receiving the money managers of “Gazprom” lawyers for the defendants did not deny указывалаDeutsche Well. Two years ago the SIT recognized that “not enforce the principles of decency in the implementation of the project on modernization of the gas pipeline “Yamal — Europe”. In exchange for this recognition of the criminal case against the management SIT in Switzerland was closed. The company has paid to the Swiss budget, all probably derived from the corrupt transaction profit of $10.6 million, and also donated 125 thousand Swiss francs to the International Committee of the red cross.

On Tuesday, the court acquitted the last two defendants in the case (their names are not called) and freed them, reports The court also awarded the top Manager of “Gazprom” compensation in the amount of 123 thousand Swiss francs (124,5 thousand Euro).

The representative of “Gazprom” refused to comment on the decision of the Swiss court, Bozalaka and Shaykhutdinov, could not be reached.