Online shopping warned about the loss of 40% of purchases are because of the “Spring law”

The work of the automated sorting center of FSUE “Mail of Russia”

The execution of counter-terrorism amendments of the Deputy Irina Spring and Senator Viktor Ozerov may lead to a decrease in 30-40% of purchases in online stores. This assessment in an interview with “Vedomosti” cited the President of the National Association of distance selling (NAMO) Alexander Ivanov.

Already the Russian President signed law will enter into force from 1 July 2018. Documents oblige postal operators to use x-ray and radioscopic installation, metal detectors and other similar devices to inspect the premises of weapons, explosives and other illicit substances and items. In this case the law does not specify at what stage of the shipment should be checked.

“Mail of Russia” has estimated the costs of the implementation of the law at 500 billion rubles. the amendments apply to all companies licensed to postal services. According to Ivanov, the performance may double the cost of shipping. In total total number number of purchases in online stores can fall by 30-40%. NAMO President explained that buyers are unlikely to be interested in goods delivery which will cost them twice their value.

Some retailers with this assessment is not agreed. So, security Director SPSR Express Dmitry Manannikov doubted that with the introduction of the new law in force on the online stores would reduce the number of purchases. According to him, bona fide operators Express delivery and previously struggled with the shipment of prohibited items.

In “M. Video”, “Vedomosti” said that the network accounts for less than 0.01% of all logistics operations in the “Mail of Russia”. The representative of the company Valery Andreyev believes that the new legislative requirements will not have a direct impact on the work of its online store.

Representative Maria Nizamutdinov noted that 95% of the orders company delivered it on their own. According to her, the cost can grow only on the remaining 5% that are delivered by postal operators. While Nizamutdinova noticed that these orders can be delivered also in alternative ways.

CEO online-shop “220 volt” Leonid Goldbergian, in turn, expressed the view that the increase in shipping costs will affect the range of online stores, and on their momentum. It is predicted that most will suffer from the law of transboundary operators AliExpress, eBay, LeEco. Goldbergian, explained that with the rise in price of shipping goods from these shops will be cheaper to buy retail. The representative of “Euroset” Ulyana Smolski also expressed the view that changes in legislation will affect the shipping cost.