The head of the Crimea promised in the autumn to start the demolition of illegal constructions within 100 m from the sea

The Crimean authorities are ready from September 1 to start the demolition of illegally built objects constructed in a 100-m strip in the coastal zone of the Crimea. About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the Peninsula Sergey Aksenov.

“By September 1 of the current year inventory 100-meter strip in the coastal zone of the Crimea will be completed. Immediately on its completion the government of the Republic ready to proceed with the demolition of illegally constructed objects,” he wrote.

The politician noted that those objects which hinder the development of the district and do not interfere with public access to the beach, to communicate will not. “All such objects will be subject of a separate decision”, — he explained. However, according to Aksenov, now in the area of Big Yalta and Big Alushta, there are about 800 objects that could potentially fall under demolition. “All units with appliances formed and waiting for the team,” he said.

The head of the region added that the Council of the Republic of Crimea adopted a resolution, which will not continue to allow local authorities to issue land in violation of the law. “All further decisions will be taken in the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea in the presence of the press, information will be published”, — assured Aksenov.

Crimean authorities have begun the demolition of the squatter and anti-squatting beaches in the summer of 2015. Then the Crimean Prosecutor’s office has evaluated the scope of the unauthorized construction in the coastal zone and the Simferopol area of nearly 1.5 thousand hectares.