Trains on the purple thread followed by large intervals

Trains on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line followed with the increased intervals, said on the official website of the Moscow metro on Twitter. Even in the morning in the branches failed.

<p>Passengers on the platform of the metro station “Vykhino” Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line</p>


Photo: RBC


Passengers on the platform of the metro station “Vykhino” Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line

So, early morning trains due to technical reasons during the 17 minutes did not go to a Central portion of the branches. The reason for this called the breaking composition. The press service stressed that media reports about the absence of the branch do not correspond to reality. At about 9:30 GMT, the representatives of the metro reported that the train from “Vykhino” to “Textile workers” followed with extended oil drain intervals due to a faulty train

Later in a press-service reported that the movement was able to normalize and it is included in the schedule.

At the moment the station “Vykhino” trains do not go towards the center, the correspondent of RBC. On the subway platform has accumulated a large number of people on the loudspeaker at the stations to announce that “train followed with the increased intervals.

People who were standing in the train station, was asked to leave the cars. In the end, he went towards the center empty, drove away 100 meters from the station and stood on the stretch. The train from the center to “Vykhino” also stood for five minutes on a stage in front of the station.

This morning, July 8, in purple thread was a major failure due to fire in the administrative building of the station “Vykhino”. Then at the entrances of the stations on the southern section of the line was a stampede, which injured several people. Due to fire movement between stations “Kotelniki” and “Kuzminki” stopped around 5:30 GMT and resumed at 8:57 GMT.