An Israeli lawyer has filed a lawsuit to Facebook for $1 billion in assistance to terrorists

The lawyers sued for $1 billion to the company Facebook, which they have accused that it has enabled the militants of the Palestinian group Hamas to use the social network when carrying out attacks, whose victims were four Americans, according to Bloomberg.

“Facebook knowingly provided material support and resources to Hamas in the form of online platforms and communication services social networks Facebook,” reads the lawsuit sent to the editor of the Bloomberg office of Israeli lawyer Nitzana Darshan-Leitner.

In her opinion, therefore, the company is responsible for violence against American citizens. The lawsuit explains that “Hamas used Facebook as a tool in the conduct of terrorist activities”.

The claim was sent to the Federal district court for the southern district of new York on July 10. Among the plaintiffs, as noted by Bloomberg, the family’s 16-year-old Yaakov Naftali Frankel, abducted and killed in June 2014 while on a trip hitchhiking in the West Bank, and a three-year CeII brown, stroller which was deliberately targeted by a Palestinian driver at the train station in Jerusalem in October of the same year.

Facebook said in a statement sent to Bloomberg by email that the company does not comment to the press litigation.