In Belarus sent into custody to joke about a bomb the Russian

In Belarus detained a Russian citizen, who was detained Thursday in the airport of Minsk for a joke about a bomb. About this on his page in Facebook said the Deputy chief of Department of information and public relations of the Investigative Committee of Belarus Yulia Goncharova.

The presentation of the prosecution scheduled for early next week. Goncharova added that the petition from the lawyer of the Russians and most on the application of another preventive measure, the investigator did not arrive.

“The investigation does not preclude the use after charge alternative measures of restraint not related to imprisonment, taking into account the personality of the woman and the circumstances of the criminal case,” — said Goncharov.

She said that under the phrase “subject of a woman’s personality” it is understood that among the aspects of gathering evidence were characteristics of Russian women “from the place of work/study, records of a psycho-drug, presence/absence of a criminal record”.

A Russian citizen born in 1978 was detained in the Minsk airport while checking in for the flight Minsk-Moscow on 7 July. The woman was outraged by the need for additional airport staff to search it.

“There was a conflict on this soil, and she jokingly said, “If you’re looking for something, the TNT’s in my bag”. This was enough to remove her from the flight, to arrest and prosecute,” — said the lawyer of the arrested Vadim mushinsky in an interview with “Interfax”.

Against the Russians prosecuted.