The richest man of China engaged in the creation of a competitor of the UEFA Champions League

The Owner Of Wanda Group Wang Stangling

Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group, owned by the richest man Wang Stanglin, talks on the creation of a football tournament that could compete with the UEFA Champions League. This writes the Financial Times referring to representatives of the group. As told the newspaper strategic Director Wanda Sports Holding Marco Bogarelli, now the company’s representatives try to involve in a potential tournament representatives of the major European leagues. We are talking about the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Spanish League, Italian Serie A and Spanish La Liga, which summarize the basic income from the Champions League.

“Many talented players now prefer to play in Asia, and not to go to Europe. One day, Asia will have enough money to play Cristiano Ronaldo. For these five leagues have in Europe-paced football to prolong his leadership,” said Magarelli.

According to Borrelli, negotiations with La Liga and Serie A has already begun. Negotiations with the Premier League, Bundesliga and League 1 must start after the end of the European Championship, the final of which will take place on Sunday, July 10.

A senior representative of one of the League appreciated the offer Wanda. “This is a very well-planned. The proposal is very realistic,” said the source FT.

Wanda hopes to enlist the support of the Union of European football associations (UEFA), which holds the EU, however, wants to create independent tournament. “We need a future filled with more freedom, which is based on the needs of the clubs and leagues that allow them to make a choice,” said Magarelli.

Two people familiar with the talks interlocutor’s FT noted that they are conducted in the interests of a “handful” of Italian and Spanish clubs, including real Madrid”. The club were victorious in last season’s Champions League and is considered the most earning in the world. Representatives of the “real” declined to comment.

“This is not the first time when there’s speculation about the possible creation of a competitor of the Champions League, and probably not the last,” said Theodore Theodoridis, acting General Secretary of UEFA. — When making any decision we will consider not only the question of financial rewards for clubs, but of great benefit for the game and its development on the continent.”

Wanda the proposal involves the creation of competition, which will involve at least 32 but not more than 64 teams. This ensures participation in the tournament at least six best clubs from the largest five leagues. Now participation in the Champions League, taking four of the best club in England, Germany and Spain, while France, Italy and Portugal each get three seats. As the FT notes, the system now would benefit clubs such heavyweights as “inter” and “Manchester United”, which were not included for next season’s Champions League, finishing in a high enough place in the national championship.

Wanda, company system would be more attractive to broadcasters. Tournament would be conducted in a greater number of matches with participation of high level teams that would have attracted audiences in the largest markets of Europe. As expect in the company, the income from the show may grow by 30-35%.