On the website of the public initiatives began collecting signatures against the law Spring

On the website of the Russian public initiative petition on the abolition of the so-called “anti-terrorism package Irina Spring”.

At the time of publication of the material the statement was signed by 6.5 thousand people. If it reaches 100k signatures, it will be obliged to consider the state Duma.

The authors of the petition reminded that against the adoption of the law made by the largest Russian Internet company Mail.ru and “Yandex”, a profile of the Russian Association of electronic communications and the Regional public center of Internet technologies and the working group “Communication and it” at the government of Russia.

According to the innovation operators and organizers of information distribution” are required to keep all data submitted by users. “Expert assessment of costs to build infrastructure — more than 5 trillion RUB. For comparison, the revenues of the Federal budget of Russia in 2015 amounted to 13.7 trillion rubles.”, — the statement says.

“The law requires a lot of money, may lead to the bankruptcy of many Internet companies and to reduce the state income from taxes received from them. It also infringes on the rights of man,” conclude the authors of the petition.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on 7 July signed adopted by the state Duma a package of anti-terrorism legislation Irina Yarovaya. The law requires Telecom operators and Internet companies to store information about the facts of telephone conversations, their content and the correspondence of users to provide this information upon request of the security services.