Lukashenka told about a significant improvement in relations with the United States

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that his country wants normalization of relations with the United States on mutually beneficial terms, and emphasized that the improvement is already there, reports “BelTA”. The head of state made this statement during a meeting with charge d’affaires of the USA in Republic Scott Roland.

“In Belarus has never hidden the fact that without a normalization of relations with the United States we do not have a full foreign policy,” Lukashenka said. According to him, the country “would very much like normalization of relations with the United States on mutually beneficial terms.”

“To say that we are doing well in the relations between States, probably not quite look sincere even diplomatically,” the President added. “But that is much better than it was, and that we are moving in a normal, correct direction, probably, and you will not deny,” said the President.

Lukashenka also touched upon the development of Belarusian-U.S. trade and economic cooperation. He stressed that the promises to the American businessmen working in Belarus, “according to American laws”, but they still want the Belarusian.

“We must pay tribute that, indeed, Americans — people absolutely different, but they are sincere people, who, seeing his interest, I would like honestly cooperate with our Belarus”, — said the head of state, stressing that Belarus and the USA “there are no forbidden topics in our cooperation.”

According to him, the country has no before any one state of the obligations which would be contrary to our cooperation with the United States.” “Once again I emphasize: if it is the good will of the United States, we will solve any problems,” he said.

US President Barack Obama extended sanctions against Lukashenko and several Belarusian officials in June 2016. All came under the restrictive measures people, according to the White house, linked to corruption and human rights violations. In addition, their activities posed a threat to the US, stated in the decree.