FC Barcelona has supported sentenced to jail Lionel Messi

Football club Barcelona striker is Lionel Messi, expressed support for the athlete after he and his father, Jorge, was sentenced to 21 months in prison. This was reported on the official website of the club.

Earlier Wednesday, a court in Catalonia found them guilty of tax evasion from the fees generated image of soccer player. The damage, according to the court, amounted to €4 million in the period from 2007 to 2009.

Barcelona is confident that Messi, who already have adjusted their situation with the Spanish tax police, in any case, should not bear criminal liability in connection with the facts in this case.” The football club also stressed that the athlete and his family can continue to count on the support of the actions that the attacker deems necessary to protect its interests.

According to bi-Bi-si, the prosecutors in the trial claimed that Messi had used tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to hide income. While the athlete said that he “knew nothing” about this situation, because “trust the father and his lawyers.”

Reuters noted that since the term of the sentence less than two years, and neither the athlete nor his father has not been previously convicted, it is unlikely that they will receive the real punishment. Under Spanish law, the punishment may be limited to a trial period.

The verdict can be appealed to the Supreme court. However, the court ordered the footballer to pay a fine in the amount of about €2 million, his father has to pay €1.5 million.