Outline called “nonsense” allegations of the late approval of the festival

The Creator of the festival Outline Natasha Abel told how to cancel the festival in Moscow on 2 and 3 July. She called “nonsense” the government charges that the application to hold the event was submitted at the last moment. About Abel said in an interview with “Billboard.Daily”.

“All of the hypothesis that applications to the festival were lodged at the last moment, is utter nonsense,” said Abel.

According to Abel, the Outline for a month and a half started with the Prefecture of the southeastern administrative area, with the Prosecutor’s office and emergencies”. We met, discussed, came to us various organs. Showed a platform, made out the necessary papers. There was a dialogue, all parties were determined that the Outline will take place”, — told the Creator of the festival.

According to her, on Saturday, 2 July at 17:00 the order came from the Prosecutor’s office to ban the holding of the festival. She explained that the official report is not listed because the organizers “don’t want to inflame the situation, don’t want to look like martyrs, don’t want to start an information war with the accusations of lying”.

She also explained that the event organizers have eliminated the violations that did not suit the MOE during validation. For example, the territory was ordered fire trucks, fire extinguishers heart. According to Abel, Ministry of emergency situations arrived on the instructions of the security service on Saturday, but at this moment the organizers have received a ban on holding the festival.

According to her, the situation with the event has changed to Thursday, June 30. Abel believes that the Moscow authorities decided to cancel the Outline. “Our position is that the festival was clearly meant to close. Under any pretext — it is a technical issue. We know that it is possible to close anything”, she said.

Abolish Outline became known a few hours before it began on Saturday. On the page of the festival Facebook it was reported that “the festival will not take place for reasons beyond the control of the organizers there. Money for tickets will be refunded”.

After that, the prefect of SEAD Andrey Tsybin in an interview with “Interfax” said that the organizers have applied to hold the event for only June 29, and not 30 days, as required by law. He also said that the festival organizers did not notify the Metropolitan service GO and CHS to eliminate violations of fire safety.

“To conduct a concert with the number of viewers 10-11 thousand people in such conditions is impossible and unsafe. The fault entirely lies with the organizers. According to them, the money for tickets purchased will return”, — said Tsybin.

Music market participants surveyed by RBC, believe that the failure of the Outline could cost its organisers to be worth up to 100 million rubles. Source RBC, close to the festival organizers, explained that the cost of making business visas and flight artists amounted to approximately €1 thousand each. Only the event had to be 67 artists. In addition, the organizers had to pay fees, which amounted to €2 thousand to €10 thousand