Media recreated the picture of the crash of Il-76

The crash of the plane Il-76

The Il-76 aircraft that crashed while fighting forest fires in the Irkutsk region, did not have time to gain height after you’ve cleared the water and fell, clinging to the trees on the hill. About this Agency TASS said a source in aviation structures.

“After dumping the water on low altitude Il-76 aircraft in adverse weather conditions (smoke and very poor visibility) and because of the turbulence caused by updrafts of hot air, did not have time to gain altitude, the left wing touched trees on the hill and fell”, — quotes Agency the words of your source.

According to the source, the plane fell flat with a small horizontal speed and burned all but the tail section”. “All the engines were working normally until impact with the ground”, he said.

In favor of the version about that the plane at low altitude did not see the hills in the conditions of strong smoke, talk, and data released earlier transcripts of the cockpit voice recorder. Cries and usual in such cases, emotions film “black box” is not fixed. The collision with the ground was sudden, the pilots until the last second didn’t know about imminent death,” was brought on the eve of the TV channel “Russia 1” the words of your source in the investigation Commission.

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The crash of Il-76 in the Irkutsk region

Contact with the plane Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia, who worked at putting out fires in the Irkutsk region were lost on the morning of 1 July. His quest lasted for almost two days, the crash site was…

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The source of “Interfax” familiar with the investigation of the disaster, earlier it was told that, according to the preliminary version, the pilots made the drop to excessively low heights in order to directly with more efficiency to affect the pockets of forest fires. The interviewee said that the flight took place “off the beaten track, in areas with complex geographical terrain, in the conditions of strong smoke and the almost complete lack of visibility”. “The combination of these factors could lead to disaster,” he said.

The plane silt-76 ministries of emergency situations of Russia took part in extinguishing forest fires in the Irkutsk region, crashed on the morning of 1 July. On Board were ten crew members. They all died.