In Abkhazia, the opposition broke the gate in front of the Ministry building

The opposition in Abkhazia attempted to storm the interior Ministry building. It is reported by the Abkhazian Agency “Apsnypress”.

On the front porch of the assault forces officers special forces. Before that, the opposition is using the car tore down the gate leading into the courtyard of the interior Ministry. Then the protesters threw stones at law enforcement officers and broke into the territory of the Department.

While the building of the interior Ministry pulled the fire truck to disperse the protesters, but “the water cannon was used,” according to “Apsnypress”.

Initially, the opposition gathered at the Congress of the opposition political party amtsakhara” the local Philharmonic society. The discontent of the opposition called the referendum on early elections of the President of the Republic, which was originally scheduled for July 10. Submitted to the referendum question: “do you consider necessary carrying out of early election of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia?”.

During the performances on Tuesday, July 5, protesters said on one side “[President of Abkhazia] Raul Khajimba signed the decree about appointment of the referendum, and the other, doing everything possible to boycott the referendum” passed “Abkhazia-inform”. After that, the opposition appealed appealed to the President with family demands and demanded airtime, to dismiss the Minister of internal Affairs because of the “deteriorating crime situation” and allowed to vote in the referendum for absentee ballots and expired passports, and to open polling stations in Russia.

After that, the protesters went to the interior Ministry building. The protesters left the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba. The opposition gave him the demands of the opposition, which said: “to Dismiss the Minister of internal Affairs, to hold a referendum by absentee ballot in Moscow and Cherkessk, to postpone the date of the referendum in October or November,” reports “Apsnypress”. It Khajimba said that the referendum he will not cancel. However, he said that “agreed” with the requirement to provide an opportunity to vote on an expired passport.

The Chairman of the opposition party “amtsakhara” alas Kvitsinia urged protesters to remain peaceful. He said that the President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba promised to take a decision on the resignation of the interior Minister. Kvitsinia asked the protesters to move away from the main entrance to the building of the Ministry and to give the opportunity to negotiate.

At the rally near the building of the Ministry of interior, the Minister of defence of Abkhazia Mirab Kishmaria, said that the head of internal Affairs of the Republic of Dzapshba was ready to resign, but this decision will be made by the President, reports Sputnik.Abkhazia.