The media published the results of decoding the “black box” silt-76

The Il-76 aircraft that crashed in the Irkutsk region during the forest fires, collided with the ground suddenly. This is a source in the Commission on investigation of the accident, which was formed by the Interstate aviation Committee (IAC), said the program “Vesti” on “Russia-1”.

According to the channel, the experts have already finished transcribing the cockpit voice recorder of the aircraft. Cries and usual in such cases, emotions, film black box is not fixed. The collision with the ground was sudden, the pilots until the last second were unaware of the imminent death”, — quotes the words of channel source in the investigation Commission.

The interlocutor of “Vesti” suggested that the plane was in the area of heavy smoke. In this regard no one in the cockpit of Il-76 did not see the approaching hills, which probably touched the plane.

In turn, the interlocutor of “Interfax” familiar with the investigation of the disaster, said that experts “were able to obtain initial information from the cockpit voice recorder”. “Previously, the version that allowed pilots reduced to excessively low heights in order to directly with more efficiency to affect the pockets of forest fires,” he said.

The Agency source has noticed that the flight was “off the beaten track, in areas with complex geographical terrain, in the conditions of strong smoke and the almost complete lack of visibility”. “The combination of these factors could lead to disaster,” he explained.

He also noted that the pilots until the last minutes of the flight trying to get out of a dangerous situation and to save the plane. According to him, the crew tried to keep the aircraft in the air to establish visual contact with the terrain to determine the terrain and the exact location of the aircraft”. However, most likely, they failed to do so due to “severe smoke”, concluded the source.

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The crash of Il-76 in the Irkutsk region

Contact with the plane Il-76 EMERCOM of Russia, who worked at putting out fires in the Irkutsk region were lost on the morning of 1 July. His quest lasted for almost two days, the crash site was…

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Upon crash of Il-76, which belonged to the EMERCOM of Russia opened a criminal case under part 3 St. 263 criminal code (violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons). The plane disappeared the morning of Friday, 1 July. On Sunday, a Mi-8 helicopter found the wreckage of Il-76 to the South of the village Fishing Station on the slope of one of the hills.

Later, to the crash site got teams on the ground. On Board the Il-76 were 10 people, they all died. MAC considers three versions of what happened — human error, equipment failure and adverse weather conditions.