The head NBTS argued with Gref about the future of plastic cards

The head of the National system of payment cards (nspc) Vladimir Komlev believes that plastic cards will remain the main means of payment in Russia in the near future. He stated this in an interview to “RIA Novosti”.

“Credit cards, I think, still quite a few years will be in demand in Russia,” he said, noting that over time the cards will be replaced by a contactless payment via the mobile app.

“However, the rejection of the cards is a relatively distant prospect, the issue is not today, and not years”, — concluded Komlev.

In late may, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that in the next, 2017, Sberbank plans to implement facial recognition and voice customers, which will help to completely abandon the use of plastic cards. “Indeed, in such instruments as Bank cards, do not need no need,” he said.