Moscow authorities have begun to notify owners of “squatter” about the imminent demolition

Representatives of the Moscow authorities began to give the owners of the pavilions and buildings that will be demolished in the second phase of the fight against unauthorized construction, notification of the need to dismantle structures, reports TASS.

The first notice was received by the owners of the cafe “daily Bread” on Zubovsky Boulevard near the metro station “Park of culture”.

“This building here constantly for many years. But the legislation was changed, there are more stringent safety requirements to the objects which are near metro lines. So the decision was made on the demolition of commercial facilities,” – told reporters the head of Moscow Sergey Noskov,

In turn, the representative of the owner Inna Cauline reported that the owner intends to dismantle the building 5 days before the end of the allotted time.

“I will refrain from legal assessment of this decision, but I want to note what we are experiencing. We’ve owned this building for over 20 years. What will happen to the tenants and staff of the institution, I don’t know,” said Cauline (quoted by TASS).

Today announced required the demolition of the shopping center “Electron” is near the metro station “Electrozavodskaya”, at the entrance to the building of the center there is a shield with the message of the decision.

Head of management control over the real estate in VAO Moscow Yury Sobolev noted that “this building is located in the technical zone of the underground and according to the documents, it must be a small unsteady pavilion. The decision on voluntary demolition, the owner will be given 2 months, after which the city will proceed with the forced dismantling of the object.

A new list of objects subject to demolition, the authorities of Moscow have published 28 Jun 2016. In total, the document includes 107 buildings.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin instructed to think in advance the plans for improvements in the vacated territory.

Large-scale demolition of squatter recognized by the trading pavilions has begun in Moscow on the night of 9 Feb. In the first phase were demolished 104.