Car insurers started selling MTPL policies on new forms

The design of the insurance policy

From 1 July in Russia will start selling insurance policies on new forms. The transition to the new format of the document may take 3-4 month, said earlier the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Igor Yurgens.

New background Blanca “has become a complex, it shows the graphic shapes and the color introduced stretching between the yellow, pink and purple flowers,” said Jurgens. In addition, for the first time changed the color of the document. According to him, the fraudsters will have at least two years to forge a new metallic thread policy.

The new form of insurance policy<br />
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The new form of insurance policy


In the upper right corner of the new forms will feature a QR code, it will contain information about what the company shipped the form. Have dual layer blanks that are used in Agency sales, the detachable part is made in a violet color. The policies also changed the font, changed the size and location the watermark is on clearance at the center of the visible image of the car vertically on the sides — logo RAMI.

The decision to change policies was made to RSA in February. Insurers attribute this to the need to counter the spread of false forms.