The sale of the largest diamond at the auction failed

Diamond Lesedi la Rona

At Sotheby’s auction in London failed attempt to sell the biggest diamond in the world, called Lesedi la Rona, writes Bloomberg.

It was expected that it will buy for $86 million, which made him the most expensive gemstone in history. However, the highest price that was offered was $61 million, which is less than the so-called “reserve price”, i.e. the lowest acceptable price set by the seller.

“The price tag on the largest diamond found for more than 100 years, was too great for even the deepest of wallets at the auction in London” — the newspaper notes.

Lesedi la Rona — in the language of the Tswana means “Our light” — was found at a mine in Botswana owned by a canadian company Lucara Diamond Corp. It weighs 1,110 carats or roughly grams 222,2.

Selling a diamond can bring to the company an amount comparable to its quarterly revenue.