The first aircraft of “Aeroflot” flew to Istanbul after the terrorist attack at the airport

The airline “Aeroflot” has sent to Istanbul first flight from Moscow after act of terrorism at the airport of Ataturk. This is evidenced by the data in the online scoreboard Moscow airport Sheremetyevo.

According to the online scoreboard, SU 2136 flew to Istanbul at 10:05 GMT.

Aeroflot announced the suspension of flights to Istanbul yesterday morning. To resume flights, the airline has promised on Thursday, June 30. As told RIA Novosti the representative of “Aeroflot”, 30 June is planned a flight from Moscow to Istanbul, as well as one reverse.

Terrorist attack at Istanbul atatürk airport, took place on 28 June. According to recent reports, the attack killed 41 people, 239 people were injured. Among the victims was one Russian.

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The terrorist attack at the airport of Istanbul

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