The CEO of the Russian venture company resigned

The Board of Directors of Russian venture company (RVC) has accepted the voluntary resignation of the General Director of the company Igor Agamirzyan, who held the post since 2009. This is stated in a press release on the website of mers.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of RVC Oleg Fomichev said that the post of Director of the company will be declared an open competition. Deputy General Director of RVC Yevgeny Kuznetsov was appointed ACTING Director General of RVC.

He Agamirzyan will become Vice-presidents of the National research University “Higher school of Economics” (HSE). He will be engaged in strategy of development of the technology ecosystem of the University and establishing relationships with technology business and provide feedback from employers to adjust the requirements to the graduates. Agamirzyan will also be responsible for the development of innovation infrastructure of the University and all its activities relating to information technology

Fomichev said that the results of the independent evaluation of the company, the level of implementation of key performance indicators for the period Agamirzian was 105%. He also stressed that the RVC highest among the development institutions by the share of export earnings and attracting funds from investors.

23 Jun sources RBC reported that the agricultural Bank will leave the venture company. According to sources, Agamirzyan will leave the CEO post of the company due to its possible integration in the “SKOLKOVO”. The government has already decided on a “gradual infusion of” RVC “SKOLKOVO”, and was already running process “the inclusion of mers into the ecosystem Fund”, told the sources.