Cairo announced the first data from the “black box” into the crash EgyptAir

In France, the recovered data recorder of the crashed plane EgyptAir

The first data from the black box of the plane that crashed over the Mediterranean A320 EgyptAir, confirm the version of smoke on Board. About it reports Reuters with reference to the statement of the investigative Committee of Egypt.

“Preliminary information shows that the flight has zapisyvalsya on the flight data recorder from take-off [the plane] from the airport Charles de Gaulle, while the recording is not stopped at an altitude of 11 thousand meters, where the accident occurred”,– reads the statement.

It also States that data from the “black box” suggests that smoke was detected in the toilet compartment and avionics.

In addition, analysis of the wreckage of the front of the plane showed signs of a sharp rise in temperature on Board the ship, and the presence of soot.

Sound recorder experts continue to recover.

Previously, the signals of the smoke on Board were told by the experts of the French Bureau of inquiry and analysis for civil aviation safety. According to them, information about the presence of smoke was sent automatically by the system.

French newspaper Le Parisien, citing data from the ACARS system designed for transmission of short messages between aircraft and ground stations wrote that the day before the accident the aircraft had three recorded issues with smoke. So the smoke detector worked in particular in the bathroom and a side compartment. The crew had not reported the incident during his last stop in Paris airport.

A320, a flight from Paris to Cairo, disappeared from radar screens over the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea in the early morning of may 19. Onboard the liner there were 66 people, among whom were citizens of Egypt, France, UK, Canada.