In the US IKEA will withdraw 30 million drawers because of the death of three children

The U.S. division of IKEA will withdraw 29 million chests in the deaths of three children who were crushed by the furniture. He learned The Philadelphia Inquirer, the revocation will apply, including one of the most popular low-end lines of Malm.

According to the newspaper, citing a source in one of the Federal regulators, an official of the review will be announced on Tuesday. The head of IKEA USA Lars Peterson has confirmed the revocation of NBC News. According to him, model Malm are no longer available in stores. Those customers who have already purchased a dresser from this series, please fasten them to the wall.

“If the chest is not fixed, please put them where they will not get the child, because it can be dangerous. Make sure you got in touch with IKEA to receive a free kit for securing dresser,” said Peterson.

As noted by The Philadelphia Inquirer, the opinion can get dressers, purchased over 10 years ago. On the American IKEA website at the moment, there are no chests of drawers Malm. According to the newspaper, the company plans to offer full refunds to buyers who returned the furniture.

According to ABC News, in 2014 in Pennsylvania, Washington and Minnesota, three children under the age of two years died after being crushed by a chest of drawers from IKEA.

Last week it was reported that IKEA is Recalling the protective gate Patrull that can harm the health of children. The reason for this decision was the name of the message buyers about the unexpected opening of the gate that led to the fall of the children from the stairs