The “big four” mobile operators have been asked to reject the law of Spring

Head of the “big four” mobile operators sent a letter to the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko with a request to reject the “anti-terrorist package” of bills reported on June 27, the newspaper “Kommersant”. A copy of the letter also have with RBC. The leaders of the four operators — MTS, MegaFon, VimpelCom and Tele2 consider the requirements of the bill impossible, both from a technical and from an economic point of view, the document says. Representatives of the “big four” have confirmed the fact of sending the letter to the lower house of Parliament.

The document signed by MTS President Andrei Dubovskov, acting General Director of MegaFon Sergei Soldatenkov, General Director of “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”) Michael Slobodin and the first Deputy CEO Alexander Provotorov Tele2. Press Secretary Matvienko Natalia Fomenko told RBC that the appeal of top managers has not yet been received. “As soon as we receive, comment on,” said she, assuming that it will happen on the morning of Tuesday 28 June.

The state Duma adopted a package of “anti-terrorist” amendments developed by the MP Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov, in the third reading on 24 June. If the bill enters into force, Telecom operators and Internet companies will be required to store the contents of messages and conversations of users in a period of up to six months, and information about the facts of such compounds three and one year respectively from 1 July 2018. Operators have repeatedly stated that the requirements of the law impossible.

In a letter to Matviyenko top managers are reminded that the storage of message content subscribers will cost 2.2 trillion rubles., while tariffs for communication will grow “greatly”. The majority of costs does not depend on the storage time, because it is connected with creation of systems of management and data search, identify, message, modernization of communication networks. Now the necessary hardware and software the operators not, write to the leaders of the “big four”.

In the address they pointed to the additional costs for the budget, which will result in the passage of the bill: state funds will be required to provide law enforcement with the information collected.

Changes in the law largely aimed to investigate already committed crimes, not prevent terrorist threats, the authors of the letter. Thus, in their view, the operators entrusted with the tasks of financing and implementation of operational search activities”, although “the world practice knows such precedents”. In addition, the MPs norms contrary to the Constitution, the heads of companies.

Since the state Duma had ignored the opinion of the operators, taking the bill in its current form, and now it will consider the Federation Council, the industry was forced to write a letter to Valentina Matvienko,” explains the representative of “VimpelCom”. “It is clear that the bill needs additional discussion”, — added the representative of “MegaFon”.

The operators have proposed to create a conciliatory Commission for overcoming of the arisen disagreements” on the bill.

With the participation of Elizabeth Antonova