In the house of the head of “Russian authors ‘society” was searched

In the house of the head of “Russian authors ‘society” (RAO) of Sergey Fedotov at Nikolina Gora under investigations, reports RNS. This information was confirmed by the interlocutor of RBC familiar with the investigation. On the morning of 27 June it became known that the office RAO on Bolshaya Bronnaya in Moscow are carried out quickly-investigative actions.

The reason the searches are still not officially voiced. Source RBC, close to one of the authors ‘ societies, specified that investigations are conducted “for the entire top management of RAO. RBC source in law enforcement bodies reported that the Main Department of economic security (Guebipk) actually resumed the test, which was conducted last year and was linked with a possible embezzlement in the organization.

Quebec began the inspection of the activities of RAO, wrote in August 2015 RBC. Authorities checked “on the subject of embezzlement of royalties through the acquisition and subsequent conclusion through false firms of real estate”, followed from the documents received by RBC from an anonymous source. The estimated damage amounted to about 0.5 billion rubles, the representative of the RAO then have confirmed the fact of check, but denied bad faith actions.

2007-2011 RAO has acquired the four properties with total area of 2 thousand sq. m. Later these objects were contributed to the authorized capital of CJSC “Service-operating company” (JSC SEC), which was established by RAO. SEK, in turn, became the founder of three companies (“Media M”, “Musical Olympus”, “Media management”) and contributed to the authorized capital of each one object. Further, these premises were given to the third parties (the companies “Siberia-leasing” and “Rosavtotrans” and Evelina Nikolaevna Eskinol). All the facts of the change of ownership of real estate confirmed public databases, in particular of an extract from Rosreestr.