How it works: gives a guest house in the Crimea

Entrepreneur Yuriy Skorohod

The case for the soul

In Ukraine, the businessman Yury Skorokhod, together with his father earned a living repairing ships for their small brigade served the court in the port of Sevastopol. But after the annexation of Crimea to Russia from the port disappeared most of the foreign vessels and demand for services fell sharply.

Skorohod has decided to earn on tourists — is this what most residents of the Peninsula. In 2002 together with his wife, Yanina, he over RUB 1 million (all investments are translated into RUR based on the exchange rate of the Ukrainian hryvnia at the time) bought nine acres of land and an unfinished two-storey house in the village of elm Grove is 30 km from Sevastopol. From the beach the house is only 200-300 m. “I love to communicate with people from different parts of the country and decided that the guest house is a matter for the soul and great help after the age of 50,” says Yuri.

At first, the couple decided not to register the country as a hotel. “Not to be fooled with a mountain of documentation, we just informed the Ukrainian tax service that we plan to take up to 20 tourists in the season. To create for these purposes a legal entity we are not obliged,” recalls Walker.

With the arrival of the first guests Yuri was in no hurry and while ship repair business has brought money to the available funds invested in the repair problem. The first two rooms opened to tourists in 2008. About 1.4 million rubles. had to invest in reconstruction and repair of one room costs about 200 thousand rubles. Skorohod has decided not to save: I turned a room in the Studio with separate entrance, kitchen, bathroom and a gazebo per room. “Privacy is a very important option that hotels of economy class usually can not provide,” he says.

<p>the Guest house &ldquo;friends in&nbsp;the country&rdquo;</p>


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Guest house friends in the country”

The first tourists Skorokhod attracted with the help of ads on the Ukrainian Internet sites, and since 2010, almost all of the clients began to come from Airbnb. But in 2014, the US imposed a ban on the export of goods, services and technologies in the Crimea, and Airbnb stopped working on the Peninsula — the flow of visitors has fallen sharply. Now the audience of entrepreneur draws through the Russian advertising service “Craigslist” and the Dutch the Internet.

Country economy

Now in guest house at a friends cottage” seven rooms: five doubles and two quadruple, ranging from 10 to 30 sq. m. On — site free communal grill and cauldron, gazebo, lawn with deck chairs, a trampoline for children.

For the month of the summer season guest house usually takes up to 15 tourists in may and September, come about seven people. Usually guests staying at the hotel 10-12 days. 95% of visitors are families with children, says Yuri: “come To us for a peaceful beach break. In the district, besides the clean sea, no entertainment on the beach, no discos and only one bar with Oriental food.”

The cost of accommodation in a double room ranges from 1.1 thousand to 2 thousand rubles a day depending on the month, quadruple room can be removed for 1.4 thousand RUB in may and September and 2.8 thousand RUB over the summer. This price includes cleaning and change of bed linen once a week, satellite TV and Wi-Fi throughout. Laundry service — extra service, it costs 100 RUB for once. “At first [washing] machine used for free, we do not mind, but then began to throw on a t-shirt. In the end the Laundry was going a decent place, and electricity costs increased. We introduced the trick with a price to teach people to wash, as at home,” explains Yuri. The mini-hotel has Bicycle rental, a daughter of George and Ioannina, 13-year-old Pauline, rent two own bike.

Walker tries to keep at the cottage a “home atmosphere”: “we’ve Got a few cots, baths and tables for feeding self and those who brought friends. All this we provide our guests for free.” Once Yuri has bought by the gross for the ship repair business the stretch wrap, now free pack the suitcases of guests.

Hotel in numbers

767 resorts, hotels, guest houses and hostels operate in the Crimea

14 thousand of apartments for rent in Crimea

54% is the average load of sanatorium-resort and hotel facilities as of June 23, in the Crimea, a year ago was 50.5 per cent

A 10.2–20, 9 thousand RUB. in the average cost of a week holiday for two in the Crimean mini-hotels

Up to 15 guests per month accept mini-hotel “friends at the cottage”

95% of guests — families with children

1,1–2,8 thousand RUB — the daily cost of a room in mini-hotel “friends at the cottage”

Source: Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea, the State program of development of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea for 2015-2017 years

The biggest problem of the Crimean hoteliers — short season: tourists come to the Peninsula from mid-may to mid-September. By the end of August, giving the runner empties. “If the youth beaches people there before the first rains, our guests at the end of August already ironed school uniform for children”, — says Yuri.

Due to the short season investment in the hotel on the Crimean coast pay an average of 12-16 years after opening, says General Director of consulting company Umbrella Hospitality CIS Kirill Agapov. “The most promising hotel product for the Crimea — it is the hotels 40-80 rooms with a high level of service (five stars) and year-round range of services: indoor swimming pool, Spa, sports courts. Such a hotel is subject to seasonal fluctuations,” — says Agapov. Mini-hotels are in a better position than the hotel with the largest capacity, does not agree, the management of the Sochi guest house “, EV roshel Elena Valeeva. “Hotels with 20 or more rooms, the expenditure is rising sharply, and forced to undergo classification, to issue a passport to security to get at the FMS which is a rather large additional costs,” — said Valeev.

Standard mini-hotel in Crimea is working with maximum efficiency of 20-25%,” — said General Director of consulting company “seats” Natalia Kurdyukova. But the guest house “at a friends dacha saves on staff: employees “at a friends cottage” at all. The meeting, the guests and the accounting is done by the couple, Yuri is responsible for repairs and construction, cleaning and Laundry charge of Ioannina, stroking the bed linen of their daughter Pauline. In the result, the operating profit of the hotel, according to Skorokhod, up to 50%. Family reinvests in the expansion of the economy. For example, this summer, Skorokhod built in a small separate house for yourself — before each season, the family lived in a poor country rooms.

Outrunner is going to gradually increase the level of service, and then the prices for their services. In the nearest plans — to finish repair of a facade of the cottage, to set the air conditioning to begin construction of the pool, and a separate kitchen to offer guests Breakfast and lunch. Then the family wants to have tour programs for its guests in Yalta and Bakhchisarai. “I never wanted just to rent a bed — this is boring,” says Yuri.

<p>the guest house &ldquo;friends in&nbsp;the country&rdquo;</p>


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The guest house “at a friends cottage”

For 14 years Skorokhod, by his own count, invested in the equipment of the hostel more than 5 million rubles Fully recoup in hotel funds, he plans in the next two to four years, that is 10-12 years after the start. Now the guest house became the main source of family income: on the ship repair business outrunner high hopes already imposes, but the cottage at full occupancy can bring more than 200 thousand rubles per month.

“The demand for business hotels has grown due to the emergence in Russia of a new type of tourist. A guest chooses an individual approach and a home-like atmosphere for relatively little money, — the Vice-President, domestic tourism Association of tour operators of Russia Ilya Umansky. — In addition, our resorts there is an obvious shortage of quality hotels three stars at an affordable price, which also compensate for a small guest house.

To mini-hotel with dozens of rooms he worked in the profit, the building must be owned, says Natalia Kurdyukova from the UK “seats”: “the hotelier is simply uneconomical to conduct rental business in the hotels with the volume number of rooms less than 50 rooms, as the cost of staff not covered by the revenues.”


Resort for travel abroad

When Crimea was Ukrainian, one season brought Yuri Skorohod $10-12 thousand in revenue, half of which was spent on utilities and advertising. But the summer of 2014 was for small hotels disaster. After the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the flow of tourists fell sharply, and a hotel runner is no exception: in the summer of 2014 revenues amounted to only 40-50 thousand rubles ($1,1–1,4 thousand at the exchange rate at the time), in the summer of 2015 — 85 thousand rubles ($1,4 million).

“All because of the terrible traffic jams on the ferry, where people were standing for 40 hours. To us that year got only a couple of families from Moscow,” recalls Walker. But now the flow of tourists began to grow again, says Walker: the Ukrainians have ceased to travel to the Crimea, but their place is taken by the Russians.


2014 was a transitional period, says Tamara Chernykh, General Director of U PRO Management (manages the Crimean hotels under the brand Bregutta). The decrease in flow has the greatest impact on the segment. “Russian tourist, not knowing the region, chose more high-quality accommodation options. Luxury hotels were quick to take advantage and dramatically increased the tariffs for accommodation,” says Black.

The logistical problem was reflected in the work of local entrepreneurs: now mid-spring in furniture stores Peninsula not find beds and mattresses. “This is the Crimea, where every second — the landlord,” says Skorokhod. — If earlier it was possible to order the missing bed from Kiev for a day or two before settlement, now the parcel will go for at least two weeks. So we try to buy in the winter.” A prolonged power outage in early 2016 coastal areas not touched: Yuri even specially went to the country from his home in Sebastopol to power the appliances.

In 2015, the flow of tourists had almost reached “prerussian” level, but the messenger lost the usual channel of promotion Airbnb and could not attract enough tourists. This season, he said, promises to bring the guest house to the indicators of the success of the last “Ukrainian” — 2013, when the mini-hotel has earned more than $12 thousand In January 2016 tour operators have recorded a sharp rise in demand for summer tours in the Crimea, Black says. Yury Skorokhod, like many hoteliers Crimea, expect a tourist boom, as soon as the transport message with Russia: the bridge across the Kerch Strait, the authorities promise to build by 2018.

The closure of the Turkish and Egyptian beaches, by contrast, did not add clients to the Crimean hotels. “Those who used to go to Turkey and Egypt, or even refused to rest this year, or flew to Greece, Cyprus or Turkey through Belarus,” says Skorokhod. A similar situation in Sochi. “The level of income of Russians fell, and although we belong to the budget category hotels in the past year, the pace of bookings and loading was higher, — says Elena Valeeva. — Those who were focused on foreign holidays, prefer Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro”. Many people come to Sochi and Crimea just because they do not have passports.

Rest in Crimea at a cost comparable to that of the Egyptian all inclusive, and the level of service on the Peninsula is clearly lower, admits Yuriy Skorokhod. “In Egypt, the season lasts for nine months, we have a maximum of four. The cost of construction, repair, service we on the same level, while revenue — you know, ” he explains. — Therefore, the Crimea will always be expensive: extend the summer not in our power.”