The state Duma has approved the amendment about reduction of data retention by operators

The state Duma has approved the amendment to the anti-terrorism laws, which reduced the period of storage operators data up to six months. About it reports “RIA Novosti”.

Under the amendment, operators will have to store the information about the facts of telephone conversations and correspondence for three years, and about their content — up to six months. Instant messengers and social networks will be obliged to store data about the facts of the message transmission in the course of the year, and the content of the conversation — up to six months.

In General, the entire package of amendments will be considered in the third reading by the state Duma late.

Package “anti-terrorist” amendments developed by the MP Irina Yarovaya and Senator Viktor Ozerov, may be adopted in the third reading by the state Duma on June 24. According to the amendments, the Telecom operators and Internet companies will have to store text messages and files up to six months. Law enforcement agencies can get access to all the information without a court order.

Initially, the deputies proposed to oblige operators to store the contents of the correspondence and conversations for three years. Such a measure would cost the industry $ 4-5 trillion.

Before it became known that deputies have decided to correct the anti-terrorist package of amendments. In particular, they planned to revise the provision on deprivation of citizenship, said RBC a source in the Committee.