The head of Federal registration service of Moscow has discharged of a post for verification

The head of the Federal service of state registration (Rosreestr) in Moscow Igor Maydanov suspended during the official investigation against him. This is the official website of the Department.

The decision to conduct inspections of maidanova made in connection with violations in financial and economic activities management”, the report said.

Violations were revealed during inspections in management. According to its results “established gross violations” of the law. In particular, according to the Ministry, identified the evasion of “competitive procedures” was not justified and expenditure of Federal budget funds for the sum more than 93 million rubles including those not confirmed by the expenditure of funds for the payment of state contracts for the sum more than 72 million rubles, the report said.

Acting maidanova appointed head of management of Federal registration service across the Rostov region Konstantin Mishchenko.

In late may, the Moscow official of the North-Western district of management of Federal registration service was arrested for accepting a bribe in the amount of $350 thousand According to investigators, 35-year-old employee of the Ministry received a bribe from the representative of the capital of the company “for carrying out actions on the results of the company certificate of state registration of rights to immovable property”.