The explosion near the gendarmerie in Turkey, a man died

Near the building of the gendarmerie in the Turkish city of Mardin, an explosion occurred, killing one person, Reuters reports with reference to sources in security services.

The bomb was planted in a car parked outside the police station. The deceased was a truck driver. It clarifies Huriyett, he died in the hospital. Two more soldiers were wounded, their injuries were light. According to sources Reuters, the explosion made the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK).

In the summer of 2015 in Turkey resumed the conflict of the authorities with the Kurds, who demand independence. Before the truce the government and the Kurdish factions lasted three years.

On June 10 the group “freedom Hawks of Kurdistan” by taking responsibility for another terrorist attack, said that Turkey is no longer a safe country for tourists. However, the Kurds said that foreigners are not their target.

Just over a year in Turkey have been 12 major terrorist attacks. Responsibility for the attack took the Kurds and the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), the conflict with which Ankara has escalated in 2014, after Turkey entered into a coalition against the militants.