The case of the “gang GTA” has transferred in court

The consequence has finished investigation of criminal case against the “gang GTA” and referred it to the court for consideration on the merits, said a spokesman for the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) Vladimir Markin.

Before the court appearance of nine people, which, depending on the role each of them are charged with murder, banditry, robbery, illegal trafficking and manufacturing of weapons.

According to investigators, in March 2012, Ubaydullo of Subanov, who had a fake passport in the name of Usmanov, created in Moscow suburbs armed band of natives of the Asian republics, who attacked motorists on the roads of Moscow, the Moscow and Kaluga regions. Total committed 16 attacks, which killed 17 people and two more were wounded. “They did not shun anything and took the places of accidents, even things dead (dresses, jewelry)”, — said Markin.

According to him, the gang had a clear hierarchy, its members obey the leader had a good physical training, and thought through the means of conspiracy. “We can say that behaved inconspicuously, was engaged in private carrying, construction, worked as a watchman, that is no different from other labour migrants from Central Asian republics. By the way, many have families,” said Markin, explaining that the bandits were difficult to calculate precisely because of the lifestyle of bandits.

Subanov was shot and killed during security forces RAID in November 2014. Four people declared in the international search, two of them detained under guard in Tajikistan. Another member of the gang on the Federal wanted list.