The “black boxes” of the liner EgyptAir sent to France for restoration

Memory chips onboard recorders of the crashed A320 EgyptAir sent for recovery in France. About it reports Reuters referring to the Egyptian investigators.

As stated in the statement of the Egyptian Committee to investigate the causes of the crash of the airliner, investigators from the French Bureau of air crash investigation (BEA) will help to remove salt deposits from the chips, after which they will be sent back to Egypt.

The flight data recorders of the plane was discovered on 16 and 17 June. Later, Egyptian officials said that “black boxes” badly damaged and in need of rehabilitation before decrypting. Work with the recorders of Egyptian experts have begun on June 19.

Airbus A320 EgyptAir flying flight Paris – Cairo, crashed over the Mediterranean sea on may 19. On Board were 66 people, all of them died. The cause of the crash of the liner is still not officially named.