The amendments will prevent the Spring MTS to pay income tax for 100 years

Russian operators will become unprofitable in the case of adoption by the state Duma the so-called “Spring package”, which, in particular, include amendments for the storage of subscribers and Internet users. About this “Vedomosti” told representatives of the companies.

According to operators, the approval of amendments will require such costs, the company will lose the opportunity to pay income tax. According to the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov, the storage of voice information and traffic of personal data will require investment of 2.2 trillion, Such funds necessary for the creation of data centers, increase the power of networking and other needs.

“Given that our tax profit at the end of 2015 amounted to 22.5 billion rubles, and tax on profit of 4.5 billion rubles, and at this cost we will not be able to pay income tax about a hundred years, and the budget will not receive about 450 billion rubles”, — said Solodovnikov.

In “the Megaphone” costs in the case of the amendments was estimated at more than 230 billion rubles. the net profit of the company last year amounted to 45 billion because of the law the company can remain in a tax loss for five years. In this regard, the Russian budget will annually lose 10 billion RUB 50 billion RUB over five years. The interlocutor of “sheets” drew the attention that these calculations do not include the cost of equipment maintenance, which, in turn, can reach billions of rubles.

“VimpelCom” (“Beeline”) estimated necessary costs to approximately 2 trillion rubles. “Since these expenses will not lead to the emergence of new revenues and are, in fact, unaffordable, then it is likely that VimpelCom will not have to pay income tax over a long period, with the result that the budget will receive less 40 billion roubles of the profit tax in the next few years,” the company said. The company will also reimburse any VAT paid when purchasing equipment. In the amount of losses companies can amount to 76 billion rubles.

The state Duma will consider the proposed Spring the bill on Friday, June 24. The amendments will require operators to store customer data for six months and provide them to law enforcement. We are talking about correspondence, calls, and files exchanged by the users.

In mid-March, the experts of project Institute “giprosvjaz” (“a daughter” “Rostelecom”) has estimated that the amount of data that operators are encouraged to keep in accordance with the bill Spring, today exceeds 100 thousand times. In total it will amount to 157.5 exabytes (or 157 billion gigabytes).